SVYM – Primary Health Care in action.

November 2009

On my way to TED India I was shown around the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement activities in Saragur, rural India, by an old friend who worked there as a paediatric surgeon. It was started 15 years ago by 4 medical students from Mysore and comprises two schools educating approximately 800 students between them, and a 100 bed hospital supplying free medical care to the local population.


Even though they were medically trained, they realised early that without education and nutrition they were fighting an uphill battle. The quality of the school was impressive, educating children from age of 2 through to highschool graduation, and boarding about 30% of their chidlren.  There were 30 computers in each school, and although one of the schools had access to the internet, as yet, the remotest of the two schools didn’t. I couldn’t help but think about the resources these kids now had access to through these computers that they used to have to rely on donated books for.

The founders were still working there fulltime as doctors/administrators.