Yammer Communities – A great opportunity for doctors, if done right.

February 2010

A great opportunity for doctors has just been announced.
Yammer will be expanding their microblogging platform to groups whose member’s email have different domain names. This means the networks are no longer limited to formal organisations, and can now emerge within informal communities. It is still a “closed” network in the sense that the content is not indexed by search engines, so that the community can communicate privately amongst each other.
Clinicians will stand to benefit greatly from a decent sized, real-time community for peer support. Imagine having the ability to tap into the combined experience and intellect of thousands of clinicians at the point of care.
The important parts to execute well would be getting a critical mass of clinicians to join into the same network to make the knowledgebase useful.
Questions would be:
1. Should there be a network for all clinicians individual specialties?
The important part would be to reach critical mass first, and then split into separate networks once the need arises. In the interim, questions relating to specific specialties could be tagged as such (eg #haem #cardiol #immun #radiol #anes)
2. Should there be a geographic limitation?
Most likely the same answer as to the above question. As long as the languages are the same.
3. Would authentication as a clinician be necessary and how would this be done?
This would be important to ensure that appropriate questions are fielded to the network and maintain integrity of the knowledgebase.
Existing authentication lists could be tapped into (medscape.com, healthengine.com.au)
Any thoughts on the above? If you’re keen to see it happen, email me at mail [at] ppeach [dot] com and we’ll organise it.
Update : A Yammer medical community has been set up at Yammer.com/medical.  Initial authentication will be done manually.

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  • http://wishli.st DHS

    There's a huge network of UK doctors here:

    Might be a good place to start!

  • Pieter

    Cheers Dave, any contacts there?

  • http://ppeach.com/blog ppeach

    Thanks Dave, great suggestion.

  • http://lifeinthefastlane.com sandnsurf

    Looks great
    Have sent some invites and will see if we can get the Multimedix.com.au group on board and will be speaking to doc2doc on 18th March
    Great work

  • http://ppeach.com/blog ppeach

    Great stuff, thanks Mike.